Located in the pre-Pyrenees , Heretat de Guàrdia is suitable for the practice of water and adventure sports, hiking and mountain biking , among others.

Near the Rialb reservoir, Heretat de Guàrdia is located within a natural environment middle mountain where forests alternate with grain fields. Remarkable is the immensity of the landscape and the calm and tranquillity that go with the area.
Is necessary to highlight the cultural heritage of the area, especially the Romanesque, along with the extensive local cuisine

Cultural heritage

Relax with fantastic views of the Rialb valley

Enjoy prehistory, Romanesque, Gothic or neoclassical in a rural and green environment

Nature and sport

Our privileged situation in the pre-Pyrenees offers forests, rugged landscapes and idyllic spaces

Canyoning, canoeing , hunting, fishing , car or bicycle route, hiking ... activities for all preferences and ages !


Enjoy the fruits of our land with our gastronomy

Vegetables, sausages and meats, mushrooms and nuts ..., you must taste the Tòfona of the Baronia de Rialb !